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Data Recovery

To quote the immortal bard, 'stuff happens'! And when it does, and you suddenly realise that your data seems to have disappeared, emotions may vary.  As the penny drops as to what has happened, you will probably experience bewilderment and disbelief, followed closely by panic and then despair. However, most of all you will probably feel alone and looking for someone to turn to. And that's when Village Internet can help you. 


There may be a number of reasons why you suddenly cannot access your data, and these may include:


  • Virus
  • Inadvertant deletion
  • Component failure
  • Windows BSOD ('Blue Screen Of Death')
  • ...and much more


Panic is natural

We can ask you not to panic, but it won't make an ha'penny of difference. It's simply a natural reaction to the impact of what the data loss means to you. Whether it's hours of effort that's been investment in a business document, or on a personal level, irreplacable family photos, you will obviously want to do everything you can to recover your valuable property.


Let us know the urgency

We're aware that for many of you, recovering your data will be a time-sensitive issue. For that reason we operate a two-tier recovery service. If time is not an issue we provide our Silver Recovery Service, where we will attempt recover everything we can from a disk or system within one month. If time is of an issue, we can provide our Gold Recovery Service, where we will get a member of staff to 'drop everything' and work on your system.


No Recovery, No Fee

Our guarantee is that if we cannot recover your data there will be no fee. However, where we can only carry out a partial recovery we will ask you first if you want the equipment returned to you, or you would like us to re-format the disk so you can start from fresh.


Confidentiality and Care

We are aware that we may be recovering information that is commercially or personally sensitive. For that reason we can confirm that your data will be handled in a discrete and totally confidential manner. And if there has been a catastrophic failure of your system, or you do not want your equipment back, we will ensure that it is disposed of safely and the data cannot be recovered. Our customers enjoy using our services, not only because we provide a technically superior service, but also because they trust us to look after their interests. 


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